February 2, 2019 LOVE Challenge

2EC6D867-D3B0-4DEA-9443-3DD73A749677I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday night! Today was a day when life got in the way of getting things done, so this is a late post. I promise to be on time tomorrow!

Today’s question is…Do you think a dog can feel love? A cat? What about a cow, a snake, a slug? What makes you think so?

P. S. If you didn’t see yesterday’s Post, please check it out. Some commented only on the picture, but I’d love to see your response to the question!

6 thoughts on “February 2, 2019 LOVE Challenge

  1. I’m 100% certain. I see it in their demeanor and in their reactions. I believe that every living thing feels the effects of love. Live is the creative force. The energy that animates us

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  2. you know what I’m gonna say about this one – definitely, yes. I’ve witnessed foster dogs transform after being loved on for only a few hours. Dogs sense our feelings as much as see them and I’ve been amazed to see their reactions to loving people.

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