Today is an anniversary I would rather not mark. Eight years ago on October 22, 2011 my life changed forever when I was attacked by a man suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. During the five years following the attack, my life became a series of court hearings and therapy appointments. I lost interest in many of … Continue reading Changes

Christine’s Story

Christine is my neighbor. We first met over the back fence about six months after my husband and I moved into the neighborhood. As we began chatting a connection formed, one we had yet to understand. Maybe one anxiety-driven person senses another on a subliminal level and reaches out to grasp pieces of herself in … Continue reading Christine’s Story

The Mundane

Update: Happy New Year! I took a longer than expected hiatus over the holidays, in part because my book manuscript was "resting" while I decorated, baked, entertained, and celebrated. My FaceBook page PLB Life Unraveled has also been dormant since December 1, but look for the Love Challenge beginning February 1. Those of you who … Continue reading The Mundane